Aeduan is a Carawen Monks and Bloodwitch.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Aeduan wears his Carawen monk cloak at all times. He is described as having brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.


Aeduan appears cold and uncaring. However, his rugged exterior and blood-lust can be misunderstood. Aeduan comes off as a stone-cold killer but holds compassion for many people. He has saved Iseult countless times, spared Evrane, and rescued a child from the unnerving, cruel raiders.


Aeduan was raised at the Carawen Monastary from a young age (he was later trained to be a mercenary --- due to his Bloodwitchery). He was raised by Monk Evrane and trained to be a merciless killer. Not much is known about his past, however, Iseult discovered that he has Nomatsi origins. Furthermore, Aeduan consistently has a flashback involving fire and his deceased mother --- who tells Aeduan to leave and never return. This reveals that Aeduan's past is shrouded in pain and darkness. In addition, Aeduan's father is the vindictive "Raider King" who is leading an aggressive expansionist effort in the Witchlands.


Sensory Type - As a Bloodwitch, Aeduan can track the blood scent of others and sense their magic.

Physical Capacity - Aeduan is capable of controlling his blood (can push it to the extreme limits of his physical capabilities for certain lengths of time).

Regeneration - He can regenerate lost limbs and heal injuries.