Bloodwitch: This one of the rarest witcheries of all, and is deemed a Voidwitchery because of its connection to death. It is a magic exclusive to males and allows one to control another person’s blood (or one’s own blood). It also allows the witch to smell other peoples’ blood and track that scent across hundreds of miles. It also allows the Bloodwitch to heal others, and heal themselves. When a bloodwitch uses their witchery their irises swirl red and are notably off putting.

Known BloodwitchesEdit


  • Bloodwitches, when they do appear, are usually hunted down and killed.
  • It manifests only in males (as opposed to Threadwitchery, which only manifests in females)
  • Cannot control self-healing. When injured, the witchery automatically starts healing.
  • Bloodwitch healing is all-encompassing, as blood circulates throughout the entire body.