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Caden Fitz Grieg is a Hell-bard commander. Safi also recognizes him as the "Chiseled Cheater."

Physical DescriptionEdit

Caden is lean with ropey muscles. His face is strong-jawed, with freckles on his forehead and a scar on his chin. He has a thick scar around his neck (about the width of a thumb) and raised, jagged streaks cover his body. He has a Cartorran mountain accent, which reminds Safi of her childhood.


Depending on which "persona" he is acting as, Caden has differing personality traits. As a Hell-Bard Commander, he is grim, terrifying and quick to attack. As the Chiseled Cheater, he is sly, charming and quick to quip. He also hates politics.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has some sort of dark magic and smoke-like darkness curls off of his tongue.