Cartorra is the largest of the three empires in The Witchlands (Book Series). The royal family (with the surname fon Cartorra) expanded its empire via royal marriages, but over time, they were large enough to use war as a method for expansion.



Members of the royal family Edit

  • Emperor Henrick II (the ruler of Cartorra)
  • Prince Leopold IV (Emperor Henrick II's nephew and heir to the throne)

Trivia Edit

  • Its capital city is Praga.
  • There is one Origin Well in Cartorra, believed to be associated with Earthwitcheries. It is inactive/unhealed.
  • Magic is highly regulated, and “dangerous magics” are forbidden. All citizens are required to undergo a witchery examination, and anyone who resists or is caught lying is punishable by death.
  • There is an elite fighting force called the Hell-Bard Brigade. They are able to detect magic and are the primary policing force in Cartorra, as well as the knights assigned to protect the royal family.