Evrane Nihar is a Carawen Monk and the aunt to Merik and Vivia Nihar. She is a Waterwitch who specializes in healing.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Evrane is shown wearing a white cloak, the usual attire for Carawen monks. She has silvery hair and looks to be about in her mid-thirties. She has a triangle inked on her hand to show she is a Waterwitch and a circle for a healer.



Pre-series Edit

Evrane was born in Nubrevna to the Nihar family, where she has a brother called Serafin. Fascinated with magic and the history of the Cahr Awen, Evrane was regarded as the oddball of the family. She would eventually join the Carawen Monastery.

At some point, her brother married into the Nubrevnan royal family, and Evrane became the aunt to Vivia and Merik Nihar.

Truthwitch Edit

Evrane comes aboard the Jana to help Iseult recover from her wounds. It is revealed that she was Aeduan's mentor at the Carawen Monastary.

Windwitch Edit

Powers and abilitiesEdit