Habim is Eron fon Hasstrel 's man-at-arms and tutor to Safiya fon Hasstrel and Iseult det Midenzi .

Physical DescriptionEdit

Habim is short and has a soft voice.


He is the co-owner of Mathew 's coffee shop chain, and helps Mathew in tutoring Safi and Iseult. Although not directly mentioned, it seems as though he is working for Dom Eron alongside his Heart-Thread.


He is described as being Iseult's favorite tutor. Unlike his Heart-Thread, Mathew, Habim is stoic and level-headed in a crisis. He has the same protective instinct as Iseult, and so he teaches her to protect Safi. Habim was responsible for the girls' physical training and battle strategy. He helped Iseult hone her range in detecting Threads. While described as gentle, he can be deadly and unyielding.


Habim is a Firewitch. His Witchmark is unknown.