Iseult de Midenzi is Safi's best friend and Threadsister. She is a threadwitch.

Background Edit

Iseult hails from the Midenzi settlement, a Nomatsi tribe in the Empire of Cartorra. She later left the settlement and moved to Veñaza City. When she was 10 years old, she saved Safi's life, ultimately binding their lives together as Threadsisters.

Physical Description Edit

In Truthwitch, it is revealed that Iseult is the perfect contrast to Safi: dark hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. She is a Nomatsi, who typically have pale, almost translucent skin.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Iseult is a threadwitch, which allows her to see connections between people as well as the world, although this ability does not extend to herself. As a threadwitch, Iseult can also sense people by viewing the threads attached to them. Iseult is also a trained fighter, having a mastery over hand-to-hand combat and knives.

Relationships Edit