Kullen Ikray is a full Airwitch and First Mate to Prince Merik Nihar's ship, the Jana.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Kullen is very tall and pale with a wirey muscle build, has ashy blonde hair, expressive white eyebrows and a frightening smile. According to Ryber, he is all shoulders and long limbs, with enormous wrists and ears. He has a diamond tattoo on his left hand to signal the he is an Airwitch. He has scars on his chest.


Kullen is a good listener and steady. He has a sharp mind and is a reader. He tends to squint at Merik when something is wrong.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kullen is a full-blown Airwitch, which means he has complete control over all aspects of the air. Even though he has complete control over the air, he is prone to breathing attacks (asthma) and his cheeks flush when a breathing attack is imminent. He once stopped a full-blown hurricane with his magic.