Prince Merik Nihar is a cunning ship's captain. He is also a Windwitch. He signs a contract with Safiya fon Hasstrel's uncle, Dom Eron, to open trade with the Hasstrel lands to help his poisoned and starved kingdom. In return, he must bring Safi to a port in Lejna, a ghost town, without spilling a single drop of blood.

Physical DescriptionEdit



He is the prince and admiral of the navy of Nubrevna. His father is the king of Nubrevna and is sick so the title of admiral falls to him. He has an older sister, Vivia, who is cunning, cruel and will do anything, even resorting to piracy, to feed her country. His mother Jana died when he was very young and his paternal aunt Evrane Nihar, is a Carawen Monk.


Merik can control the wind and use them to fly.



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