The Nomatsis are a cultural group in the Witchlands. They have characteristically pale skin and are discriminated against by Marstoks, Cartorrans and Nubrevnans. The witchery they are noted for are Threadwitches.

History Edit

Centuries before the start of the series, Nomatsis fled the war-torn regions of the Fareast by crossing the Sleeping Lands and settling in the Witchlands. They have since become widespread, semi-monadic people who live in tribes and small settlements.

Society and traditional culture Edit

Government Edit

Nomatsi leaders are Threadwitches. Threadwitchery, a form of magic exclusive to Nomatsi women, are appointed leaders of Nomatsi encampments/settlements due to their emotional cool and ability to unite Nomatsi people (through Threads) based on love, not blood.

Religion Edit

Nomatsis believe in a pantheon of six gods, the leader of which is Moon Mother.

Known Nomatsis Edit