Nubrevna is a small coastal nation in the Witchlands. It is bordered by Cartorra in the northwest and Marstok in the east. It lies east of the Jadansi Sea and north of the Contested Lands. Nubrevna is the Nihar royal family.

Government Edit

Nubrevna is ruled through monarchy and the High Council of Vizers (Nubrevnanan nobility). By birth, its leader was Queen Jana Nihar. After her death, however, her huband Serafin Nihar was appointed King Regent by the High Council of Vizers, sidestepping Queen Jana's eldest child and heir, Vivia Nihar.

Economy Edit

Ravaged by magic and war, Nubrevna's lands are still recuperating from the poisons and deforestations that other nations wreaked prior to the Twenty Year Truce. Due to this, Nubrevna has few, if at all, opportunities for trade relations.

Known Nubrevnans Edit



Trivia Edit

  • Nubrevna is home to an Origin Well.