Ryber Fortiza is a Sightwitch Sister and the love interest of Kullen Ikray. She is the titular character of the novella, Sightwitch.

History Edit

Although Illyrian by birth, Ryber was raised in Cartorra by her aunt. At the age of four, Ryber entered the Sightwitch Sister Convent as a Serving Sister, and lived there until her late teens.

Appearance Edit

Ryber initially had brown eyes, although they have become silver eyes due to her nature as a Sightwitch. She keeps her hair in braids.

Powers and abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

Kullen Ikray Edit

Kullen is Ryber's Heart-Thread.

Merik Nihar Edit

Ryber has a tense relationship with Merik, who often feels as if Ryber had taken Kullen away from him. Despite this, Ryber looks out for Merik and the two remain allies.

Tanzi Lamanaya Edit

Tanzi is Ryber's roommate at the Convent, where they met as children. They are Threadsisters.