these are people whose witchery has “gotten to them”. Slowly at first—and then faster, faster, too fast to stop—the Cleaved devolve into vicious, dark versions of themselves. They start to scratch at their skin, trying to let the magic out. Small bumps boil beneath their skin and eventually burst with black oil. Their eyes turn completely black, and as the cleaving progresses, they become violent.

Their witchery wants freedom, and it will eventually kill the person and ooze out.

When a person cleaves, their magic surges and it causes the magic of people nearby to also surge—making those people more susceptible to cleaving. If the surge of magic is big enough, it can even initiate cleaving in everyone nearby.


  • Cleaving only happens to people with strong magic because there is more magic there to “surge”. As such, the strongest witches are slowly dying out and leaving only weaker “elementally powerless” behind.

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