Threadwitch: a witchery associated with Aether and found almost exclusively in the Nomatsi people (and only in women). This magic allows a person to see the “Threads” of people. Threads are the visual expression of a person’s emotions and relationships (they literally look like glowing, multicolored threads around each person—and also between connected people).

There are three kinds of Threads: binding, building, and breaking.

  • Binding Threads are what connect one person to another (from a Thread between mother and child to a Thread between lovers). Some of these are permanent (for example, a person is born with only one mother) and some are temporary (such as the Thread binding a two fleeting lovers).
  • Building Threads are emotional Threads that are currently growing into bonds between people—they extend off the person, as if reaching toward their next connection.
  • Breaking Threads are the opposite, and they seem to be shrinking into a person, as if a connection is fading.
  • Threadstones are amulets that Threadwitches make to allow a non-Threadwitch to “tap into his/her Threads.” More often than not, these Threadstones are made so a person may find members of his/her Thread-family—and the stone will light up when the bound person is near.

Known ThreadwitchesEdit

  • Gretchya Det Midenzi
  • Alma Det Midenzi


  • Threadwitches are unable to see the bonds that touch their own hearts.