Vaness is the Empress of Marstok. She is an Ironwitch.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Vaness is said to be incredibly beautiful, with bronze skin and dark hair. She wears two shackle-like bracelets on her wrists as a sign of her service to her country. She also often wears iron, a style which has since become a trend in Marstok, because it is a substance that she can control. Her Witchmark is a square with a single, vertical line for Iron.


Vaness is seemingly expressionless, with an infinitely calm voice.


Vaness hails from Marstok, the female-dominated society east of Cartorra. She grew up near a warm, sunny river and became Empress at a young age; she was a child when she signed the Twenty Year Truce. According to scholars, Vaness is the youngest and most powerful empress in Witchlands history.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an Ironwitch, Vaness can control any object that contains iron. Her witchery is said to be so powerful that she once brought down a mountain when she was only 7 years old. Vaness is also incredibly intelligent and ruthless, willing to do anything for the betterment of Marstok.


  • Unnamed niece