Vivia Nihar is the heir to the Nubrevnan throne and the older sister of Merik Nihar. She has been appointed the temporary queen of Nubrevna.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Sometime after the death of her mother, Queen Jana, Vivia was bypassed for the Nubrevnan throne by her father, Serafin, despite it being Vivia's birthright.

Truthwitch Edit

Vivia appears only briefly in Truthwitch as the Captain of the Foxes, a group of Nubrevanan pirates.

Windwitch Edit

Relationships Edit

Merik Nihar Edit

Vivia and Merik have an antagonistic relationship due to their differing stances as leaders in Nubrevna. Despite this, Vivia cares for her younger brother.

Stix Sotar Edit

Stix is Vivia's First Mate and closest confidant. In Windwitch, Vivia's deeper feelings for Stix are hinted at.