Witcheries are what people call specific magics on the continent, and they are linked to six elements—four “physical” elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, and then two abstract elements: Void (associated with death) and Aether (associated with life).

Of the six elemental magics, only five are considered real. The sixth, Void, is considered a myth.

It should also be noted that a full Waterwitch (for example) has complete control over all aspects of Water magic, while an Earthwitch (another example) would have complete control over all aspects of Earth magic. Such powerful, complete witcheries are rare. More frequently, we see subsets of each witchery. So Tidewitches (a subset of Water magic) are more common. The same could be said for Windwitches (a subset of Air) or Plantwitches (a subset of Earth).

Notable WitcheriesEdit

  • Earthwitch
  • Earthwitch Healer
  • Ironwitch
  • Stonewitch
  • Plantwitch
  • Soilwitch

  • Waterwitch
  • Waterwitch Healer
  • Tidewitch
  • Icewitch
  • Steamwitch
  • Poisonwitch

  • Airwitch
  • Airwitch Healer
  • Windwitch
  • Stormwitch


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